So many young adults are seeking purpose in this life. As the world looks for purpose, we have the answer. According to II Timothy 1:9, God has saved us and called according to His purpose. Driven Singles is designed to provide the truth and tools you need to discover what that purpose really is. Through practical Bible teaching that is designed to meet you where you live, you can know what it means to truly find purpose in this life as you live for Christ.

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At Lighthouse, it’s not enough to just fill out a form and hope someone gets back to you. The church is built with people, and that’s why we value you as an integral part of this ever growing family. Finding gospel-centered community is vital, and we are here to connect with you!

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Driven is a community of young adults (18-30) who desire to know God and His purpose for their lives, and to share that purpose with others around them. (II Timothy 1:9) In Driven, you will find real love, real faith, and real purpose.

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