Veterans Sunday

Veterans Sunday

Our church family loves our country and those who have served it! We were privileged to take part in a moving Veterans’ Day service. The music touched our hearts and inspired us to remember all those who have fought for our freedom. It was such a blessing to see our children – the next generation – sing and wave American flags; our grateful thanks to the teachers who work with them and teach them patriotism. God has truly blessed our nation and we are thankful for those who defend our freedoms. Traditionally no other nation in the world has enjoyed the freedom of religion to the extent that we have. What a gracious God we serve!

The service was a blessing as we enjoyed the videos and the patriotic songs. It is always a heart-warming time to recognize each branch of the service as its members proudly stand when their distinct anthem is played. It makes one proud to be an American!

We were especially honored to be able to present a plaque to the Gulf Coast Chapter of the Korean War Association. As he was presenting the award, Pastor James Kim of our Korean congregation explained, “The Korean community is very thankful for the American soldiers sacrificing their lives during the Korean War to give The Koreans the freedom that they now have.” We appreciated the group of Korean veterans who attended, and Mr. Walter Ballard, President of the Korean War Association, Gulf Coast Chapter #1, who accepted the plaque on behalf of the group. We often take for granted the fact that we have not had to fight a war and deal with the aftermath of a war fought on our soil. That is due, in a large part, to our American soldiers who were willing to fight for the oppressed in other lands. Veterans, we salute you!

We were thankful for the dozens of veterans and their families who were our special guests and for those able to stay for lunch and fellowship with us. As we talk to those who have fought for us, they gloss over the horrific details of the things they have seen, but all who come back have a special appreciation for our country. God bless the USA!



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