Pie & Dessert Auction

Pie & Dessert Auction

Last Sunday night after the evening service, our youth department hosted a Pie and Dessert auction. First, we want to thank all of our generous volunteers who made the many delicious pies and desserts!

Some of the desserts were part of a silent auction, where people bid on the tasty treats – and sometimes got outbid by their friends – followed by a live auction, emceed very enthusiastically by Bro. Ryan McDaniel. As always, our people were very generous in their bids, so our live auction was an exciting, and sometimes heated, event.

We want to offer our thanks to all of our folks who participated in this special fundraiser. All the benefits and proceeds go directly to helping with the cost for various teen activities this summer, including teen camp, youth conference, and a special missions trip. We pray that this summer will be an especially blessed time when our teens make life-changing decisions that will result in a lifetime of following Jesus! To God be the glory!



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