Our time in Ambato with Pastor Galo Montalvo has been especially eye opening. God has blessed richly the generosity of his people and their desire to reach their area with the Gospel. What a blessing it has been to share such sweet fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ whom we just met!

Of the several missions that Pastor Montalvo helps, one in particular is truly in need. The church has dirt floors and no furniture, and since the pastor has no transportation, he has to walk for two hours before his service to bring his people to church from down the mountain. Please pray that God would provide him the funds for transportation so he can reach people outside of his small town and be more efficient with the Gospel.

Although they are more established, the other missions have their own struggles. Little to no electricity, sparse space in which to meet, plastic garden furniture, and intense persecution has made it difficult for the missions to grow. Despite these hindrances, the pastors of the missions and their people serve the Lord with joy and are very thankful to be a part of reaching their area for the Lord.

Today we will travel to the final mission at Baños to see the work there. Pray for safety as we travel near an active volcano!