Our final days in Ecuador couldn’t have been better. Pastor Galo Montalvo organized a special service on Tuesday night especially for us and had Pastor Deanda preach as well as at the Wednesday night Bible study. Both services were such a blessing.

We couldn’t believe it when Pastor Galo told us that we were the first group from America to visit their church and missions. We’re very excited to have him with us in January for our annual missions conference!

Pastor Galo was such a wonderful host. Before sending us off to the airport, he showed us one of his many businesses that help to provide jobs for his people as well as the cultural center of Ambato. One of the museums we visited was of Juan Montalvo (1832-1932), the Miguel de Cervantes of Ecuador, who memorized the entire​ Bible and faced persecution for speaking out against the religious corruption of the Ecuadorian government.

What a tremendous opportunity we have to continue to help the churches of Ecuador! Though we will miss our new friends, we are anxious to return home and share with our church family the ways we will be able to be involved in sussing the Gospel further in Ecuador.