Christmas at Lighthouse

Christmas at Lighthouse

As always, December at Lighthouse was a busy time of year. What a joy to be a part of a church that puts Christ 1st throughout the year, but especially during the Christmas season.

At the beginning of the month the Lighthouse Baptist Academy, students put on two showings of an exciting play entitled, Christmas in Black and White. Through singing and acting the students challenged us to realize the true meaning for Christmas. Kindergarteners all the way through 12th grade sang alongside this year’s cast and their performance made us laugh and really reflect on the special day we celebrate.

“Well, the truth about Christmas is BLACK and WHITE. The word ‘holiday’ sounds pretty gray to me.” -Pinky, Christmas in Black and White


Our children’s ministry, Lighthouse Kids had their annual Christmas party. This year, instead of exchanging gifts the children were encouraged to bring a gift for a child who would spend Christmas in the hospital. During the party, the children wrapped the gifts, played games, ate snacks, and sang Christmas songs. The wrapped gifts were later taken to the U.S.A. Women’s and Children’s hospital.


The teens of LBC had a great time at their annual Christmas party. This year, they met for dinner at Golden Corral where they had games, fellowship, food, and an ugly sweater Christmas. Our teens weren’t focused only on themselves this Christmas. They took an afternoon to go to several homes of those in our church that are shut-in. What a joy to see the faces of some of our dear senior members as the teens sang Christmas carols.

Throughout the month of December our Adult Bible Fellowships had a great time together as each class hosted a Christmas party. These class parties provided great opportunities for families to fellowship with each other outside the walls of the church. Each one of our classes provide much more than Bible study. These classes provide opportunities for fellowship and opportunities to make friends of a lifetime. If you are not already a part of one of an Adult Bible Fellowship, pick one that fits you and join us this Sunday at 10 am. Click here for more information!


December was a big month for our Spanish congregation as well. They took family Christmas pictures after the Sunday morning services leading up to Sunday December 18. On the 18th the church provided copies of these beautiful photos and many of our members invited 1st time guests to join them. On that day, we had a over 230 folks join us for our Spanish speaking services.


The Christmas season ended with two services on Christmas day. What a joy it was for Christmas to fall on a Sunday this year. It was an extra special day as we sang Christmas carols and our pastor brought a fantastic sermon on “The true essence of Christmas” during the morning service. We gathered back together at 5pm for a candlelight service. We sang a few more Christmas carols, partook in the Lord’s Supper, heard a challenge from our pastor, and closed with a moving rendition of Silent Night under the candlelight.


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