COVID-19 Related Procedures

Check-in Procedures
– All workers and children will have their temp checked before entering the nursery hallway. Anyone with a 99.5 temperature will be asked to return home. 
– Children’s bag and cups/bottles will be labeled 
– Children and workers are to be fever free and free of any contagious symptoms for a full 48 hours before returning to church for non-covid illnesses.
– Children will be visually screened for signs of illness which could include flushed cheeks, rapid breathing or difficulty breathing (without recent physical activity), fatigue, colored mucus, rashes or extreme fussiness.
– We ask that all personal items that don’t aid in caring for the child remain with the parents.

All children and volunteers will wash their hands for at least 20 seconds
– upon arrival to the nursery
– before and after feeding the children
– before and after changing diapers
– after assisting potty-trained children in the restroom
– after coming in contact with bodily fluids
– after handling garbage

Cleaning and Sanitizing
– Changing stations will be sanitized after every child.
– Workers will wear gloves while changing and assisting in potty breaks.
– Toys that are exposed to bodily fluids will be sanitized before being placed back into play area.
– Toys that can not be washed or sanitized will not be used.
– Children and workers will remain in the same room and not cross over into other rooms.
 Surfaces and objects will be routinely sanitized that are frequently touched, especially toys, doorknobs, light switches, sink handles, countertops, cribs, toilet, chairs, tables, floors and playground structures.
– All rooms and contents will be thoroughly sanitized each hour after the service.

– All children 1 year old and older will be given applesauce pouches in place of the usual crackers or cheerios to eliminate cross contamination. If children have a food allergy and applesauce is not an approved snack other options can be made available.
– All children will receive assistance in washing their hands before and after snack time.

It is so exciting to see what the Lord is doing in our church and in the lives of children.

We believe that every boy and girl should be shown the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. In the LBC Children’s Ministry, your children are shown the love of Christ through Bible lessons that are geared to their own age group, dedicated helpers who are screened and trained, and Christian songs that are exciting and educating. Organized Sunday School, energetic Children’s Church, and Wednesday Night Clubs make Lighthouse Baptist Church a wonderful place in which a child can grow!

Sunday at 10 AM
Sunday School, K4-6th grade

Sunday at 11 AM
Children’s Churches, K4-6th grade

Sunday at 6 PM
Children’s Church, K4-K5

Wednesday at 7 PM
Master Clubs, K3-6th grade


About our nursery

We welcome you and your child to this ministry of our church. Our nursery is for infants and toddlers up to 4 years old. We join with you in a vitally important task: the nurturing of your child’s development.

It is astonishing how few years a child is in the home and how little time our church has to minister to them as children. Our prayer is for each child to grow up in a Christian home, and for each of us to exhibit understanding and cooperation as we work together for the good of your child. Loving nursery workers provide a clean and safe environment with a state of the art security and paging system. Parents can have peace of mind while they attend one of the adult Bible classes or one of the worship services.

Pager & Security System

Lighthouse Baptist Church has implemented a number of safety features and security measures to ensure that your child will have a safe, enjoyable experience while you attend our services. We use a numbered card and sign-in/sign-out system for check in and check out to ensure only someone you authorize can pick up your child. Volunteers who work with children are carefully interviewed, screened, and trained.

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