The adult Sunday classes are smaller families within that family. Because you are important to God, it is important to us that you find the perfect fit. By attending, you will connect with others like yourself for Bible studies, friendships, and activities. So regardless of your age or background, there is a class for you! All classes start at 10:00 am each Sunday.

Andrew Tewell

Abundant Life Bible Class

Jesus said in John 10:10 that He was come into this world that we “might have life…and have it more abundantly.” The Abundant Life Class points adults of all ages and walks of life toward Christ and the abundant Christian life that He offers through the truths of the Bible, along with providing a warm, inviting family atmosphere.

Teacher: Warren Heard
Ages: Adults 35-50

Berean Bible Class

Paul & Sue Scheuing are veteran Christians who have served many years for Christ. Their zeal for the things of God only continues and is evident through the teaching in the Berean Class. The Scheuings have a desire to help Christians grow in their faith and in their relationship with the Word of God.

Teacher: Paul Scheuing
Ages: Adults 65+

Connect Class

Connections are the glue that holds life together. The Connect class is about building and strengthening the connections that matter most to God, to those closest to us, and to those we’ve been called to serve. Join us as we love, grow, and serve together.

Teacher: Jim Brown
Ages: Adults 30-45


The Cross is a powerful symbol of Christ. Crosslight affords an opportunity for families to connect, learn, and develop both individually and collectively in the light of the cross of Christ. We seek to build mature disciples who can face the challenges of life with godly confidence & strong conviction aligning with what God’s Word teaches about our lives with the end goal of strengthening your faith to prepare your family for more effective service to Christ.

Teacher: Andrew Crumly
Ages: Adults 35-50

Driven: College & Career

The most important time in the life of a young person comes when he has graduated and begins making important decisions on his own. Jason and Jessica Felt have a vision and a burden for this group to help them to make wise, godly decisions through the truth of God’s Word.

Teacher: Jason Felt
Ages: Singles 18-27

Focus Couples Class

Life tends to distract us from the things that are really important. In the Focus Couples class, we hope to encourage you to make what is really important in life the priority. You will find practical and relevant teaching about marriage, finances and the Christian life; as well as fellowship with others young couples. You will be encouraged to better love your spouse, your family, and your Savior.

Teacher: John Barnes
Ages: Couples 18-30

Fusion Couples Class

Fusion is an exciting class for young couples to grow closer together as they each grow closer to Christ. You will enjoy the practical teaching from God’s Word which will strengthen your marriage as well as your family. You will also love the times of fellowship and the fun activities. We look forward to having you in class soon!

Teacher: Andrew Tewell
Ages: Couples 25-40

Lifeline Bible Class

At Lighthouse, the Word of God is the source for every answer to every question. Joe and Beth Hackett have use these answers to provide a strong foundation of truth for the members of their class. Along with a warm family atmosphere, this foundation encourages members to develop their own relationship with the Bible and Its God.

Teacher: Joe Hackett
Ages: Adults 50-65

Open Bible Class

This class is filled with members from all stages of life. One common passion is shared by all who attend their class: a desire to know the Bible. The Open Bible Class offers an opportunity to get connected to other members and to develop a relationship with the Bible that is alive and real.

Teacher: Nathan Allen
Ages: Adults 65+

Single Story

The single story class is designed to meet the spiritual and social needs of the single adults of our church. This class is led by Art Sanchez accompanied by his wife Paige. Art has a unique way of involving the class during his lessons and driving home a great Bible truth. Having spent several years attending and even meeting in a similar singles class in California, Art and Paige have the knowledge and leadership to help you grow in the Lord.

Teacher: Art Sanchez
Ages: Singles 28 & up

Women of Courage

 The women of courage class is intended for adult ladies and provides a great environment for fellowship and spiritual refreshment. Our pastor’s wife, Mrs. Tonia Tewell leads this class, and her encouraging spirit is evident through her teaching. This class is always very involved in serving in our church and has become a great place to connect and grow with other ladies.

Teacher: Tonia Tewell
Ages: Adult Ladies

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