Lighthouse Baptist Church was delighted to host the Deep South Ladies’ Conference of 2018 on September 28-29, 2018. Mrs. Tonia Tewell welcomed special speakers Francie Taylor, Miriam Salazar, and Amy Vassak to speak at the conference, who were each inspirational and challenging as they provided nourishment for every lady to blossom in her home, church, and personal walk with the Lord.

This conference reflected its theme and truly flourished, for more than 900 ladies represented 50 churches, with over 200 of those ladies attending the Spanish congregation. Ladies were reminded to flourish at every turn by the hundreds of specially crafted and live flowers adorning the walls, gift bags of forget-me-not seeds and flower-scented sanitizer, and even a specially written theme song, “May We Flourish,” by Mrs. Laura Barnes.

Apart from flourishing in the speaking sessions, ladies were thriving under a bit of pampering. Ladies savored homemade cupcakes and cookies, along with special treats from Yellowhammer Coffee truck. Additionally, eight specialty shops were set up in The Market for the ladies’ fun and convenience, which offered everything from spiritual growth books to home goods and clothing.

The Lord truly watered the hearts of each individual at this year’s Deep South Ladies’ Conference, and it is Lighthouse’s prayer that each lady continues to flourish in her life so she may reflect His love through her growth.