Wednesday, December 30, 2020

At the end of 2020, Pastor Tewell shared 20 things that God has laid on his heart for us to pursue over the next 20 years.


  1. Continue keeping the main thing the main thing (Soulwinning, outreach, evangelism)
  2. Continue being conservative, Bible-based, and traditional in our approach to ministry
  3. Continue improving the quality of ministry to all age groups of our church (Children’s Pastor Intern, Senior Care Pastor)
  4. Continue moving forward in faith
  5. Continue strengthening our relationship with Great Light Baptist Church and Academy in Korea
  6. Start 10 new churches in the United States (5 from our church)
  7. Start supporting 30 new missionaries (Taking us to 150 missionaries)
  8. Start providing foreign missions opportunities for our congregation
  9. Start a second church campus in Daphne, AL
  10. Start a formal discipleship program
  11. Start running our bus ministry again
  12. Start expanding our special needs ministry
    Start a new addiction help ministry (DONE)
  13. Improve our early childhood development center by building a new daycare and kindergarten facility
  14. Improve the auditorium situation for our Spanish congregation
  15. Improve our bus fleet
  16. Improve the exterior of our facilities including a better drop-off awning, parking flow, and parking lot lights
  17. Finish remodeling the adult Sunday school building
  18. Finish remodeling the auditorium
  19. Finish paying off the mortgage on the church (debt-free) right now set for 10 years
  20. Prepare for successful pastoral succession