Our 17th Anniversary Community Celebration was a great day for Lighthouse Baptist Church. We had over 1,100 in our services with many visitors. Dr. David Gibbs brought a great salvation message and we saw 35 people saved in the main services. Many of these people were some of those our church had especially been praying for. Our children’s ministry on the main campus had over 130, with about 30 visitors, three of whom were from families who came from our public school outreach. We rejoiced that several of the children understood the gospel and accepted Christ as their Savior. Although bad weather was predicted, the Lord held back the rain in answer to our prayers. He gave us a cooler day because of the damp weather, and everyone was able to eat, fellowship, and celebrate this special day together. Our bus ministry celebrated the Anniversary Sunday with Skating Sunday and took nearly 300 young people skating. During their service, many of them trusted Christ as well. It was a great day of spiritual blessings, fun, and fellowship for our church family and visitors, as well as an encouragement to keep on reaching people for the Lord!

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