16th Anniversary Sunday


Hello Lighthouse Family,

On October 15,2000, we launched the Lighthouse Baptist Church in a small outdated block building on Nan Gray Davis Rd. That’s right, we have officially turned 16 as a church! We have learned a lot along the way and have been able to see the Lord do some incredible things. This past Sunday on October 16 we celebrated our church anniversary with a community wide celebration. We had an amazing day and God truly blessed!! Here are a few stats from this past Sunday:

* 88 cars parked across the street at the elementary school to make room for guests
* 23 1st families were in the service
* 42 more families joined us for the community celebration
* 8 people joined in membership
* 17 salvations in different services on the campus
* 880 hot dogs served
* 770 hamburgers served
* Many lives impacted for Christ

This past Sunday was just the beginning!

Throughout this next week we will be following up on all of the families that attended. We believe that Christ will use anniversary Sunday 2016 to make an eternal difference in many lives. As amazing as the past 16 years have been for our church, the best is yet to come! God is not through using this church to reach our community.

As we approach the next 16 years of ministry, let’s all agree to listen to Jesus and do what He says, and we will get to see what He does as a result of our obedience and hard work!


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