Ryan McDaniel Church Plant Update

Ryan McDaniel Church Plant Update

School Building

We have met again with the school that we will been using and have a good forecast of the weekly/monthly costs. A good note is that they have chairs that we can use initially so we won’t have to buy any right away. I will be meeting with the principal for the first time next month to let her know of our vision and plans.

Church Printing

We were able to get a nice logo design finalized. We will be using this for printed materials and branding. I have attached a copy of it, we think its pretty cool!

I will be reaching out to Bro. James for some designs we need to have finished. Mainly our two big needs are our gospel tract and our promotion flyer that we will be handing out once our promotion begins early next year.

We also had a quick connect card printed up that we will be giving to people as we meet them out around town these next few months. We just put our basic contact info on it so people could get a hold of us.

I am following Bro. Mutchler’s book and getting all of the pre-promotion items handled such as church articles, PO Box, EIN, and bank account set up.

Personally we are doing well. I was able to walk right into a flexible job so that has been a huge blessing from the Lord. Our girls are adjusting well and making friends at all the churches we have visited. We are looking at a home only 8 or 9 minutes from our school location so we are praying that that will work out as well.

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers!



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